lost berlin #1, germany, 2017 (the castle Dammsmühle was visited by Napoleon, later owned by Himmler and then occupied by the Red Army. Later GDR high ranks used it as hunting lodge. After 1990 different concepts failed. abandoned since 2008)
lost berlin #2, germany, 2017 (the spy station Teufelsberg was built on a mountain of WW2 rubel in the cold war. Up to 1500 people worked here. abandoned since the 90s)
lost berlin #11. germany, 2017 (the 45m high ferris wheel in the Spreepark was built in 1989 and closed in 2002 due to bankruptcy)
lost berlin #10, germany, 2017 (the chapel at Grabow-lake was part of a lung hospital. Built in 1906 a case of arsen destroyed the roof in 2007)
lost berlin #4, germany, 2017 (this 62m rr-bridge was built in 1910 to connect to a new cemetery and paid for by the church. After WW1 it got the nickname 'widow express'. Abandoned since the Berlin wall in 1961)
lost berlin #3, germany, 2017 (the diorama of the hq of the Soviet army in Germany had a 36x4m large painting of the 'Final Battle of Berlin'. When they leave in 1994 they dismantled it)
lost berlin #5, germany, 2017 (love nest of Goebbels at Bogen-lake, which was his bday present from the city Berlin. Later he built a 70 room villa nearby)
lost berlin #9, germany, 2017 (the lung hospital at Grabow-lake was built in 1896. After WW2 used as a Soviet military hospital. Abandoned since the 90s)
lost berlin #12, germany, 2017 (at the airport Rangsdorf Beate Uhse learned to fly and worked as a test pilot before the war and Von Stauffenberg took off to Wolfsschanze to attempt to assassinate Hitler. After WW2 a heli-maintanance port of the Soviets)
lost berlin #6, germany, 2017 (the Beelitz hospital was built from 1898-1930 and had 60 buildings. After WW2 used as Soviet Army hospital. Many buildings remain abandoned since the 90s)
lost berlin #7 germany, 2017 (bridge of s-bahn in berlin-wedding that was  abandoned with the berlin wall)
lost berlin #8, germany, 2017 (in the 'Heeresversuchsanstalt' Kummerdorf Wernher von Braun developed the first rocket systems from 1932-1936 that were later misused as V1 & V2 missiles)
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